Iridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes

Iridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes

Iridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes

What is Iridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes

Iridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes is an insoluble anode. It is a group of coatings with iridium oxide as conducting component, and tantalum oxide as inert oxide, were deposited on titanium, the IrO2/Ta2O5 coating is firmly bonded to the titanium substrate. Compared with the electrode with ordinary coating, it enhances the resistance to crevice corrosion and better improves the contact between the titanium substrate and the coating. Durability. Appearance shapes are: plate electrode, tube electrode, mesh electrode, rod electrode, wire electrode, etc.

The parameters of Iridium tantalum coated titanium anodes

  • Ir-Ta coated Ti Anode substrate: Gr1
  • Coating material: Iridium-tantalum mixed oxied ( IrO2/Ta2O5 coated ).
  • Specifications and dimensions: Customizable
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 piece (with sample).
  • Payment method: TT or L/C.
  • Ports: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc
  • Shipping: support air, sea and express freight.
  • Packaging details: standard export wooden cases or according to your requirements.
  • Delivery time: 5 – 30 days (1-1000 pieces)

Production process of iridium tantalum coated titanium anode

The cutting, welding and forming of titanium substrate are based on customer drawings — Sand Blasting — Acid washing — Water rinsing — Repeated Brush Coating — Repeated high-temperature sintering — Finished product inspection — testing — packaging — transportation to customers — customer feedback after use — Response feedback information.

Iridium tantalum coated titanium anodes application

  • Electrolytic copper foil and aluminum foil.
  • Vertical continuous plating (VCP) lines
  • Horizontal electroplating equipment
  • Impressed current cathodic protection(ICCP).
  • Recovery of copper from etching solution.
  • Precious metal recovery.
  • Gold plating and silver plating.
  • Trivalent chromium plating.
  • Nickel plating, gold plating.
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing.
  • Electrolytic organic synthesis.
  • Persulfate electrolysis.
  • Iridium tantalum coated titanium anodes is characterized by high oxygen evolution potential and can be used in acidic solutions,  the corrosion resistance is particularly good in strong acid system, especially in some organic electrolysis. The anodic oxidation reaction needs high potential, but the side reactions of oxygen release should be minimized.

For example: iridium tantalum coated titanium anodes for electrolytic copper foil

Electrolytic copper foil is copper foil produced by electrolytic copper sulfate. Due to the strict quality and performance requirements of the product, the stability of the electrolytic conditions in production is strict, and the anode must carry a large current. The precious metal-coated titanium electrode has a stable pole pitch and has lower energy consumption. At the same time, the titanium anode has the advantage of repeated use after recoating. After the life of the titanium anode reaches the end, it can be reused by recoating. In this way, both in terms of energy consumption and anode cost will be greatly saved. Because of its above advantages, iridium tantalum coated titanium anodes are widely used in the manufacturing process of electrolytic copper foil, from the formation of copper foil at the front end to the post-treatment of copper foil.