Titanium Anode and Saltwater Chlorinator

The products we provide

We are manufacturers Of Titanium Anode, MMO Anode, DSA Anode, Ruthenium Iridium coated Titanium Anodes, Platinized Titanium Anodes, Salt Chlorinator Cell, Sodium Hypochlorite Generators,  Electrolytic Hypochlorite Generator, Titanium Anodizing, etc.

Our core products

Our core product is titanium anode, which has higher performance and service life than similar products on the markeIridium Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes. To over thirty years of practical application have proven that its comprehensive parameters are trustworthy, on the basis of high-quality titanium anodes (titanium electrodes), we have formed many other products, we accept OEM methods to meet the different needs of our customers, if you need to learn more about electrochemical professional applications, please feel free to contact us and look forward to developing together with you.

Our product segments are as follows:

Type of titanium anode:


Saltwater Chlorinator:


Sodium Hypochlorite Generator & Titanium Anodizing: